As licensed professionals, Denette and Gretchen work with children, teens, adults and families who are struggling with anxiety, stress management, relationship problems and emotional trauma.

Gretchen Manes & Denette Mann

Gretchen Manes & Denette Mann

Denette Mann, LPC-S, RPT-S, Certified in EMDR

Denette is a member of Association of Play Therapy and she received training at The Center for Mindful Self-Compassion.

Association of Play Therapy

Center for Mindful-Self Compassion

Denette Mann, LPC-S, RPT-S, Certified in EMDR

Denette is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Supervisor, Registered Play Therapist and Supervisor, National Certified Counselor and Certified EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) Therapist. She holds a degree in counseling from the top ranked play therapy program in the world, the University of North Texas. She has enjoyed serving children, adolescents, teens and adults through her private practice in Dallas since 2003.  During that time she has also provided coaching and training for parents and provided emergency counseling to child victims of Hurricane Katrina and Rita through the American Red Cross. She volunteered her services to A Home Within, an organization that provides free therapy to anyone who has experienced foster care. An experienced presenter, Denette has spoken and trained nationally and internationally on play therapy, the child-parent relationship, teacher-child relationship, and understanding child behaviors based on brain development.

She is often accompanied by her team of therapy dogs, a miniature poodle, ‘Bailey’ and a maltipoo, ‘Shaq.’

She has continued to advance her learning in the field of Interpersonal Neurobiology, Mindfulness, and Mindful Self-Compassion. Her dedication to teaching others how to move toward greater happiness through self-kindness has led to her achievement of becoming a certified Teacher for Mindful Self-Compassion.  This program was developed through the Center for Mindful Self-Compassion, co-founded by Kristin Neff, Ph.D. and Christopher Germer, Ph.D.   She is the first teacher in Dallas-Ft. Worth to be certified by the Center for Mindful Self-Compassion.

Denette regularly speaks to groups on on a variety of topics such as Attachment, Trauma and Mindfulness and Mindful Self-Compassion.

Denette initially earned a business degree and worked for Texas Instruments. She soon found out that her true calling was helping families and children.  She went back to school after her daughter was born and earned her degree in counseling at University of North Texas.

Gretchen Manes, LPC

Gretchen Manes, LPC, NCC

Gretchen is a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Nationally Certified Counselor.  She has spent years as an educator and student of human development, relationships, and family dynamics.  She holds two Masters level degrees in the fields of counseling and human development.

While completing her first Master’s degree, Gretchen finished internships at Child Life Departments at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children and Children’s Health Dallas.  She earned her Masters of Education degree in counseling from The University of North Texas, an internationally top-ranked play therapy program.  Her second Master’s degree is in Science, specifically Human Development and Family Studies.  She earned a Bachelor’s degree in English from The University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

Gretchen has a broad range of experience from supporting children, adolescents, and adults through life transitions to helping individuals heal from the effects of complex trauma.

For Gretchen, the process of psychotherapy is collaborative, creative and unique to each person’s needs and goals.  The therapeutic relationship is the catalyst for development and transformation.

Gretchen has spoken and trained nationally on topics including principles of Interpersonal Neurobiology, complex trauma, attachment, addiction and mindfulness.