We invite you to explore one of our workshops around living better with mindfulness.

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Nowadays we are all trying to get a lot done in a small amount of time. There’s pressure to produce and quite frankly, we think we’re working on something important all the time. Brain science tells us that 50% of the time, our mind is wandering into the future or past, trying to find things that went wrong, that need to be fixed. The survival part of our brain naturally looks unconsciously for danger within our environment – every 4 seconds.

Bottom line:  much of our lifetime is consumed by the wandering mind.

We help individuals and companies develop a mindfulness practice so they can understand the nature of their wandering mind, train it to calm down and be more present. Benefits of Mindful Self-compassion include wellness, improved job performance and better relationships, including the relationship with self.

We invite you to explore one of our workshops around living better with mindfulness.

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Visualize the Mindful Leader You Aspire to Be

Increase Your Focus & Productivity
Strengthen Your Relationship with Others
Rewire Your Brain from Negativity to Positivity

Ideally for: Physicians, Nurses, Advanced Practitioner Providers and Nurses

Designed for: Managers, Executives, C-Suite, Small-Mid Size Business teams

For individuals interested in personal growth and reducing their inner critic.

Created to help adolescents and teens recover from stressors of daily life.
(ages 12 to 19 years old)

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