What others are saying about our Mindful Self-Compassion courses…

Teens weigh in with their opinion…

“The course was impactful because of all of the meditations and exercises that helped me interact more with my emotions and consider my relationships with others on a deeper level.” 

Avery F.

“Making Friends with Myself course was really helpful in many ways. It helped me learn how to be a bit kinder to myself, rather than being so hard on myself and staying inside my head. It was also a very open experience for me but if I ever felt something was too much, there were people there who cared about my wellbeing and I could take a break if necessary. I also found the exercises, especially the meditations, helpful because they helped me give my body a break from all the stress it endures almost constantly. This really helped me both emotionally and physically along with the other aspects of the class that taught me how to accept myself more rather than just tolerating my existence”.


Oliver K.

Adults share their thoughts on our 8-week Mindful Self-Compassion courses…

“An enlightening and challenging experience that will cultivate growth and benefit all areas of your life if you’re brave enough to take the leap and trust the process with an open mind.”

Brittany S.

“I didn’t really think a lot would come from Mindful Self-Compassion, but it was surprising and really amazing despite my skepticism.  Denette was faced with a group of people who were already friends, which had to be a challenge for her, but she did a wonderful job.  All of us plan to attend the once a month Sunday session because of her.  I have already recommended the 8-week MSC course to several people.”

Janis R.

“Mindful Self-Compassion is about being present to my experience of myself.  I thought this would be about meditation.  It was unlike any other seminar I’ve done.  It allowed me the time, presence and support to discover my own suffering and gave me skills to love, honor and support myself wherever I am.”

Harriet K.

“I’ve been feeling very grateful for everything I’ve been learning.  I really like the compassionate friend exercise as well as the soften-soothe-allow.  I can feel my spirit being very grateful to myself for giving self-compassion, especially in those moments that I most need it.  I am seeing change in the way I treat myself.  My critical self-talk has decreased.  I feel more supported by myself.  I’m learning how to show up and be there for myself. “

Lori F.

“Hello Denette!

I have been thinking about you a lot, since I left Texas. You see, I was presented with a great job opportunity, but the catch was a 90 day trial period far away form home. Even though I have been assigned lush accommodations in a 5,000 sq foot mansion, I am completely alone in it.It is located atop a beautiful hill on the high California desert. The Desert, literally.  A colleague comes to work daily, but I telecommute with European associates every day. Professionally it has been a thrilling adventure, but personally, the separation from my known world and the isolation that has come as part and parcel of this experience, have been rough. Its been a month and I am still figuring out if this is really a good fit for me. And while I do that, in the lonely, lonely nights of the desert, I thank the stars I attended your course, because you taught me to hug myself and find comfort in my own company. I would be going insane if I had not befriended myself during your wonderful training. THANK YOU.

Best wishes”

Angel P.